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Supertech 1.8T 20valve Complete Guide and stem seal set


Supertech's precision-machined, high quality Maganese Bronze Valve Guides used in combination with their low friction nitrided valves provides the best solution for performance and durability for your motor. A must have if you rebuilding your engine.

This kit contains the following which is for the intake and exhaust and has 20 Valve Guides

Audi 1.8T/2.7T Valve Guide Intake & Exhaust

  • Outer Diameter: 11.045mm


Audi - 4cyl 1.8l Turbo AEB
Audi - 4cyl 2.0l Turbo EA113 / EA88
Audi - 6cyl 2.7l Turbo APB
Volkswagen - GLS 4cyl 1.8l Turbo AEB
Volkswagen - GLX 4cyl 1.8l Turbo AEB