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Here at Anderson Racing Engines we offer complete range of services including:

  • Engine dyno testing and development (work carried out with our latest dyno facilities, inc. sweep tests and acceleration runs)
  • Competition engine building and rebuilding (all types of engine from vintage to modern day)
  • Crankshaft,piston and con rod balancing
  • Crack testing
  • Hot tank Pressure testing facilities
  • Sunnen CV616 reboring/honing.(work carried out with deck plates for accuracy ) 
  • Acid cleaning
  • costic cleaning for cast iron (takes the surface rust away)
  • Con rod alignment checking
  • Line boring
  • Con-rod cap and honing 
  • Camshaft honing 
  • Shim grinding
  • Digital valve spring testing
  • superflow Flowbench-testing  cylinder heads for optimum air flow 
  • Milling machine (for most types of machine work)
  • Cylinder head modification
  • Sunnen VS20-Cylinder head valve seat replacement,seat cutting and valve guide replacement.
  • Lightening engine components
  • Shot blasting
  • All types of welding carried out (specialist in alloy welding etc)
  • Sunnen con-rod alignment
  • Helicoiling
  • snow flywheel grinder
  • ceramic sealing for blocks and cylinder heads



Here at Anderson racing engines, we are agents fpr Millers Oils offering 3 types of octane boosters, brake fluid, water wetter, lsd oils, gearbox oils and classic car oil (fully synthetic/ semi synthetic ). We also stock Piper cams, Titan components, Webber carbs, ITG filters, ross pistons, mahle pistons, cosworth pistons, woosner pistons + rods and many more.....