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AE86 4AGE wiring loom (DTA S40pro)



this is specifically built wiring loom to suit the AE86 toyota corolla fitted with the 4AGE engine

this will be used with throttle bodies and 36-1 crank trigger

you will need to use the DTA S40pro with this loom

loom wiring:

4x injector

1x Air temp 

1x water temp

1x oil pressure (to suit DTA sensor)

1x fuel pressure (to suit DTA sensor)

1x Thottle position 

1x crank position

1x coil

1x relay pinouts ign/fuel/fan


All our wiring looms are made for us at Anderson racing engines 

any changes need to be made? send us an email with your requirments or simply use the loom builder to create your own wiring loom

this is used on our demonstraiton car and very neat lengths to have the clean looking engine bay