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2.0L XE 16v Valve Spring Platforms (redtop C20 xe LET) (SET OF 16)



Vauxhall XE (redtop C20XE C20LET ) Valve Spring Platforms


You will receive (16) Valve spring platforms to suit your Vauxhall XE

the valve spring platforms are made from high quality steel and machined to a very high standard with the same dimensions as the standard pressed tin OEM platforms.  the standard OEM platforms are very hard to come across. so thats why we made our own. 

the spring platforms have been hardened/ nitrided to stop wear unlike others you might see on the market

these will suit SINGLE and DOUBLE valve spring setups. if you require any further vauxhall valve train items we are one of southwest biggest PIPER CAMS agents please call 01761 472524 if you need Camshafts / vernier pulleys / Top caps / collets