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SUPERFinishing (REM) (Vibratory polishing)


We are Based in the Bath / Bristol (south west)

we can provide a collection and delivery service via DHl (30kg max) or palletised above 30kg

please take a look on what we have superfinished so on the gallery,

our customers have been extremely happy with our service


please email us for pricing: sales@andersonracingengines.com


Superfinishing is ideal for:

Racing teams needing reduced contact fatigue
Motorsport for most engine parts
Aviation where increased component life is essential
Medical where accuracy can be a life saver

  • Reduce Contact Fatigue
    A smoother surface causes less friction requiring less power to run.
  • Cooler, Faster & Longer
    A smoother surface makes your component run cooler, faster and longer.
  • Increase component life
    Less wear on your component making them more durable.
  • Super finishing to 0.03 ra
    Consistent and accurate close tolerance finishes
  • Dedicated superfinishing department
    We are fully equipped to handle 3,000,000+ components every month
  • Average 24/48 hour turnaround
    Based on our delivery performance calculated over 12 months