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Omex 600 ECU



600 ECU Features

  • Semi-sequential fuel injection for up to 4 cylinder engines 
  •  Distributorless or distributor ignition for up to 4 cylinders 
  •  Programmable load and speed sites 
  •  TPS or MAP can be used for main load sensing 
  •  Wide range of crank trigger patterns are suitable (user programmable) 
  •  Turbo wastegate control 
  •  Turbo anti-lag system 
  •  Variable cam control 
  •  Launch control 
  •  Narrow and wide band lambda support 
  •  Push/pull, and single line idle controls in addition to scattered spark control 
  •  Knock sensing capability 
  •  3 programmable outputs switched on user controlled inputs (eg boost, coolant temp etc) 
  •  Security protected calibrations 
  •  Full throttle gearchange 
  •  Intercooler water spray control 
  •  Water injection control 
  •  Nitrous ignition retard and fuel enrichment 
  •  Two cooling fan controls 
  •  Barometric compensation with external sensor 
  •  Uses the latest version of the superb MAP3000 Windows programming software 
  •  Suitable for normally aspirated or boosted engines 
  •  Inbuilt independent fuel and ignition rev limiters 
  •  Separate Tachometer, Shift Light and Fuel Pump outputs 
  •  Magnetic or Hall Effect crank sensors 
  •  Automatic interpolation between mapped sites 
  •  Sophisticated acceleration fuelling setup 
  •  Various harness options from economical semi-assembled to full race quality bespoke looms 
  •  Battery voltage compensation table for fuel injectors (not just a simple number) 
  •  Battery compensation and engine speed compensation for coil charge time 
  •  Mappable coolant temperature compensation for engine warm-up 
  •  Air & coolant temperature compensation for fuel injection pulse width 
  •  Separate cold cranking and decay tables in addition to warm-up fuelling 
  •  User settable ignition trim based on air temperature, coolant temperature, and barometric pressure 
  •  Separate start advance for cranking provides easy starting for high compression engines 
  •  Deceleration fuel cut-off feature for road engines 
  •  Maximum recommended engine speed 12,750 RPM