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Omex 200 Ignition only ECU


was £426.00


200 ECU Features

  • Distributorless ignition for up to 4 cylinders
  • Single coil distributor ignition for up to 8 cylinders
  • Supports twin plug systems
  • Programmable load and speed sites
  • TPS or MAP can be used for main load sensing
  • Wide range of crank trigger patterns are suitable (user programmable)
  • Security protected calibrations
  • Inbuilt ignition rev limiter (with programmable soft and hard cuts)
  • Tachometer and shift light outputs
  • Magnetic or Hall Effect crank sensors
  • Automatic interpolation between mapped sites
  • Programmable battery compensation and RPM compensation for dwell times
  • Scatter spark ignition advance for engine idle when cold (and stable idle when warm)
  • User settable ignition retard based on air temperature
  • User settable ignition retard based on coolant temperature
  • Separate start advance for cranking provides easy starting for high compression engines
  • Maximum recommended engine speed 12500rpm
  • Weight less than 400g
  • High strength aluminium case for physical and electrical protection
  • All ignition drivers inbuilt for reliability and cost